Monday, 20 January 2014

BreakFree is Officially Published

Hello peoples. Its been two days since the launch of BreakFree, and the response has been decent. I've collected about 75 odd downloads with seven people rating it (all 5 stars as yet, woohoo). I would have obviously liked the download numbers to be better, don't we all hope for our apps going viral, but this is still ok. Considering this is a beta launch and I did not marketing whatsoever, except for posting comments in some articles and Youtube videos.

I have already made two updates due to the bugs found by users. I have also created quick and dirty website (it seriously was quick, about 3 hrs to learn Wordpress and create the website). You can check it out by clicking the 'BreakFree' link under 'My Apps'.

My strategy is to wait till I get about 500 downloads, after which I start my heavy duty promotions. I am still coming up with a plan for the promotion piece. Will share that you as well.

Attaching a few screenshots of the app. You can get more detail by visting the website or the Google Play Store page.

Have fun.

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