Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My First day After I Quit my job

So yesterday was the unofficial last day of my corporate life. Over 9 years I have spent working in a cubicle, most of the time not interested in doing what I was doing. Yeah, I can say that now, but would not have admitted it last year. Now that I think about it, I should have taken this decision a long time ago. 

About 6 months ago, after a lot of coaxing from the Mrs. I finally mustered up the courage to call it quits and pursue what I have wanted to since quite a while now, build mobile apps. Ever since I was in college, I have wanted to build software for mobiles. Since the days of J2ME and Symbian  I tried my hand at those two but no one would hire for this skill set, so had to settle for what ever was the 'in-thing' then. 

Now that apps for IOS and Android are the real deal, I was like, what the heck, may as well give it a shot. I could give try out being an independent app developer for about a year or so. So, on the 1st of Aug I put in papers. My company has a notice period of 3 months (yeah, 3 freaking months).

Here is what my plan is for the next couple of months, I have an app called Fuel Buddy on the Play store already. Its getting some decent traction, about 100 odd free downloads a day. I plan to add an in-app purchase component to that after a few more updates. I am also working on a new app which I plan to launch early December on the Play Store. 

My goal is to reach a 1000 daily downloads among all my apps. I want to get here till March. That should give me some steady income from ads and in-app purchases. 

I will also be posting my monthly income reports.

Hopefully I can make this work.


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