Friday, 1 November 2013

October App Report

Alright guys, as promised publishing my App Download and Income report for the month of October. 

I launched quite a few minor updates for 'Fuel Buddy' and fortunately the audience responded well to those. The downloads are slightly better than September. Not where I want to be but satisfied for now. Once I get time I will be working on including some major features which the users have been requesting, such as sending email reports, adding an option for services,  reminders, etc. I also want to add some in-app purchase components in the app. Hopefully I can get working on those soon.

I have left the Pingy Pong untouched. So understandably the downloads are less than the last month.

October Download and Income report

Fuel Buddy

Downloads in October: 2564
Admob Revenue: $81.06
eCPM: $0.67

Pingy Pong

Downloads in October: 1663
Admob Revenue: $17.30
eCPM: $0.33
Requests: 55,357

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