Sunday, 29 December 2013

Andlytics - A Nice Substitute to the Google Play Developers Console

I wanted to talk about this app Andlytics that I have been using since a while now. Andlytics provides stats for your app listed on Play Store in a clean and concise manner. For me it trumps the Google Play Developers Console because of the following:

  • Its an App - Duh.. all said and done the experience of clicking a button and watching data load on a native app is superior to opening a web page on your mobile, zooming in and making sure you click the right link.
  • Features Ratings/Comments for the Day - This is probably the biggest plus for me. I get to see how many ratings/comments I have received on a particular day. This data is impossible to get on the Developer Console unless you manually make note of the ratings and comments everyday.
  • Features Percentages - Andlytics divides stats into majorly 4 parts, comments, downloads, revenue and ratings. All of these feature a percentage feature which is missing in the Google counterpart. Eg, I know what % of my total downloads are active installs and how this % is tracking on a daily basis. Or what % of my total comments are 5 starts, etc.
It also lets you integrate your Admob a/c, which I honestly I do not find very useful. I still prefer going to the Admob html page to view my revenue.

All in all this is a very useful app if you have your app listed on the Play Store. This app cannot replace the Developers Console, because you get a lot more analytics there, but for frequent checking of data on your mobile phone, this app definitely is the best I have found.

You can download Andlytics from the Play Store.

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