Sunday, 1 December 2013

November Income Report

Publishing my App Download and Income report for the month of November. 

Two updates launched for 'Fuel Buddy'. The major one being that the app now has in-app purchases implemented. I have added a pretty cool feature where the users can email their logs from within the app. And as with other features the email is fully customizable. I have added this an an in-app purchase. The initial sales were as expected. But then towards the end of the month the sales started to dry up. Not sure why.

In any case the numbers are much better than the October report. But still need to be better.

I have not been able to devote the time I would have liked to because I have been quite busy with the development of my third app. It should be launched in December. Will keep you guys posted.

My numbers are below:

November Download and Income report

Fuel Buddy

Downloads in November: 3359
Admob Revenue: $128.47
eCPM: $0.76
In-app: 16 Orders, $25

Pingy Pong

Downloads in November: 1247
Admob Revenue: $17.31
eCPM: $0.37
Requests: 48,083

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