Saturday, 8 February 2014

Reducing Image Sizes to Reduce the Size of Your apk

Wanted to write a quick blog post on this wonderful tool I found called ImageOptim. So the apk size of my app, BreakFree, had gone to 7mb. Which I was not very comfortable with. Many users, being on limited data, are fussy about downloading apps over 2-3 mb. My app was clearly well over. 

One of the things I had never considered before was reducing the size of my images. And the most easiest ways I found was by using this tool called ImageOptim. You can get it at Its super easy to use, unlike the other tools I explored. And it does a decent job with the images as well.

All my images are .pngs saved mostly on full compression out of GIMP. By processing them through ImageOptim I got an average reduction of about 16%-17% on my file sizes. I managed to reduce my apk size to 5.5mb. A far cry from the ideal 3 mb, but at least its better than 7mb.

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