Monday, 10 February 2014

What was Google Thinking When They Did This?

Yeah, I'm talking about the totally ridiculous 'Rate this app to get recommendations' gig by Google.

So here is what happened to me the other day. I open up Play Store, and I get the Rate this app... thingy and its asking me to rate an app I uninstalled about 6 months ago. Now I download about an app a day, and I have no freekin idea about that app, was it good? Did it crash on me? Did I get bored of it? Umm.. no.. no idea. But I still want the recommendations.. So being the good guy I am I give it 5 stars and proceed. BUT.. the problem is we are not living in a world filled with good guys, I am sure many would have just given it a one star rating and moved on. Yeah, check out this link by androidpolice.

This is where my problem lies as a developer. I have a stickiness ratio of about 40% on my apps, which means 60% of my installs result in uninstalls. And imagine google asking these guys to rate my app.. I mean c'mon some of them may not even have used my app. 

I see what Google's trying to do here, they want apps rated which helps them in ranking the apps, fair enough. NO.. not fair. Cause a majority of these ratings are not even legit. They've been given under the temptation of getting more recommendations like my app. 

All I can do is hope that there are more good guys like me out there.

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